Nutritional Consultation

The concept behind Nutritional Therapy is not a new one. Our bodies are amazingly capable of restoring balance, given the right fuel! The great nutritional pioneers like Weston A. Price, DDS, Dr. Francis Pottenger, MD, Royal Lee, DDS, and Melvin Page, DDS, provided us with supporting scientific evidence that consuming a properly prepared, nutrient dense diet along with short-term use of targeted, high quality supplements (used therapeutically), health can be completely restored at the cellular level.

A Wellness Coach is able to clearly answer three BIG questions for each client:

  1. Are nutrient deficiencies present?
  2. What particular nutrient(s) will work to restore and balance the client?
  3. When is the client sufficient in nutrients?

By using a variety of evaluation methods and techniques including a complete review of a client's health and diet history, a 3-Day Food Journal, as well as tapping into the individual's innate intelligence utilizing the hands-on Functional Evaluation, these three BIG question can be easily and effectively answered.

No other nutritionist or dietician uses this comprehensive, individual approach to nutrition.

Food Pyramid

Initial Consultation

$80 for 90 minutes

Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, 3-Day Food Journal, Initial Interview, Functional Evaluation, and Plan.

Follow-up Consultations

$55 for 60 minutes

$30 for 30 minutes

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